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Welcome to moodlite


Released under Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike License
You will need to be a member of this site AND logged in. Once logged in you will see a download link at the top right of this page. It contains the STL / 1st release code and the cad files. Once you get it working I would recommend downloading the newer version of the code.. and watch the magic happen :-)

Please check out my build log for more details...

moodlite is an open source 3D printable mountable interconnecting system.  All the files and details can be found on this website to create your own. Each triangle as standard uses 3 WS2812B addressable RGB LED's linked via a servo extension cable used in the RC world.

The LED's are driven by a NodeMCU controller. This controller has wifi connection and can link to your home network. This allows you to control and change the patterns from any web browser, be it on your phone, tablet or computer.

December 27, 2018, 05:22:28 PM by CdRsKuLL
Views: 16884 | Comments: 18

I thought an easy way would be to document the build of moodlite here. It should help people identify components and also the reasons why I picked them.

The design was done in Autodesk Inventor and I've included the IGES / STEP files within the download if you need them

I purchased all of my bits from Amazon UK or eBay,  my BOM consists of the following;

60 x LED - W2812B Type. I made sure these were the non-waterproof type as I didn't want them encased in silicon.  Cost 12
Amazon UK link -
Amazon USA link -

2 x NodeMCU PCB's. You only need one for the project, but at only 8ish I thought it was worth having a spare. There seem two types, one is bigger than the other one. Make sure you get the one with the square chip and not the rectangle one near the micro usb port. :-)
Amazon UK link -
Amazon USA link -

20 x 50cm Servo Extention leads. Now, you actually need more wire per tile but the 100cm ones were almost double the price. You should get about 15 tiles from about 20 of these.  I bought these off eBay. Only problem was they took ages to come.. li...
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