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moodlite Electronics / power drop ?
« on: February 01, 2019, 11:07:43 AM »
Hey everyone..., 

I finally completed my setup which seems to be working quite well. my issue is power drop out. if i select full white, full brightness i get a power drop around panel 6 ( 3 leds per corner) so 59 leds onwards. if i add another 5v power source at panel 10 its not perfect, but 95% fixed. anyone else having this issue ?or could you try and see if you also get the problem.  i am using a 4amp power supply, which i have used on many of my other projects without issue. and just to dis-prove a power supply issue i used an 8amp powersupply which powers a 64x64 led matrix and the issue is still apparent.

maybe a fix ? :

moodlite Software / Connecting to Esp8266 problem.
« on: January 26, 2019, 01:47:54 PM »
Hi.. First of all thanks for a great build. The design of the 3d printed parts are amazing.  i do own the nanoloeaf setup, but the price of them is crazy. so a cheaper option is a great thing., I host a youtube channel called cine-lights its up and coming. I do alot of builds videos and share the code for others to build.  Most of my projects include the arduino uno, mega etc. a few using the teensy.  i have yet to build a project ( often requested) using the esp32 or 8266 boards. , so consider me a newbie.

i have uploaded the code with out errors, and also uploaded spiffs ?... Moodlite is visable on my wifi ( computer ) and on my phone.

Now here is my problem. connecting to it.   

Do i join the wifi connection its created ? moodlite., which i have tried to do but requests a password. i have tried moodlite, and my own wifi password each have failed.
i have tried connecting to as stated in the wiki and fails, it can not be reached.

i have tried #define STATIC_IP false - true and false..

so now im stuck...

any help and advice greatly appreciated.

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