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moodlite Design / BEST DIFFUSION !
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:37:33 PM »
hard to beat edge lit acrylic  8)


moodlite Design / SuperDave42 Design log
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:13:56 AM »

I figured I should share as I design this version.  :D

The RGBW strip I bought is 12mm "tall"  yikes.   so I folded the edges and got it down to 7mm  ;)   I will touch up the solder joints before I install them to make sure.

moodlite Design / Tight Pattern RGB/W strip
« on: January 20, 2019, 04:11:57 AM »
I just ordered this strip,  figured it's as close as I can easily get to the NanoLeaf setup

moodlite Design / Took one for the team !. NanoLeaf Tear down
« on: January 20, 2019, 04:02:46 AM »
Yesterday I bought a Nanoleaf expansion pack at home depot for $60.   Figured it was the best way to really see how it all worked.

Their LED board is hella small. lol.

Anyway  I tore one apart so you all could see in good detail whats inside.

Outer Layer is a 0.020" white polycarbonate sheet matte/velvet   so it's matte smooth on the top side and velvet texture on the lower side
I'm going to buy some of this material next week to try out

Next is the clear acrylic panel that is 0.119' or 3mm  thick.

It has a pattern of laser dots on the lower side,  the clear side is on top.
The laser dot pattern is even spaced.
Laser dot pattern diameter is 0.020" or 0.5mm  and looks like 1mm spaced

The Led pcb is 3mm in height by 35mm in width.  Has only 3 connections to the large PCB triangle.  + - & Data

The PCB triangle is laser cut from a large sheet and soldered together.  The curve at each joint helps add rigidity to the joint and is laser cut.    those PCB's are only 0.027" or 0.68mm thick.

under the acrylic is the PCB triangle with the leds held at each end of the acrylic.  The acrylic is laser cut to nest around each LED tightly,  about a 0.01" or 0.25mm gap between acrylic and led.
under that is a solid opaque white sheet with folded sides.  This is to prevent light-bleed on the sides of the triangles.

There are silver triangle pieces that are matte silver on the top side and mirrored on the bottom tides  to prevent the LED Hot spots.   these parts also have folds on two sides that also reflect the light back into the acrylic.

Very simple design !  elegant.
Complete NanoLeaf assembly is 0.34" or 8.75mm thick
The molded base has a 1.5mm wall thickness
The full NanoLeaf is 8.25"  or 209.55mm tall from base to top

Anyway here is my google image gallery.   Enjoy !


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