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Hello everyone!

As i mention on the official post, i just ported all the code to work with ESP8266 and ESP32 dev module.

All you have to do is to comment/uncomment line 22 for ESP8266 or 30 to ESP32. If you have ESP32 u should install the library that i atteched on the zip, instead the "oficial" one, its the only way i get this to work. The official AsyncTCP library seems that is not working on ESP32 dev board, but the one i attach works laki a charm.

Anyways, i changed all the code regarding to led animations, i think the solution i use is easy to make it work with a lot of effects, and i included a lot of new animations. We have a total of 21 animations with this code.

I hope some admin implement all this solutions on the official repo. Try this out and tell me if something is not working please.

Im going to implement some kind of music reaction thru a microphone now. If i have luck, maybe i can upload the code in some hours.


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