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I had similar problems at the beginning, did Erase EEPROM and Erase SPIFFS.
Went over the whole proccess again and figured out it was my fault, I forgot to upload the new sketch to the ESP8266 board step.

Dont think that was it. I was using a clean board. Did erase both anyways then uploaded the sketch followed by the data folder. Did that multiple times. Still unresponsive until i went with 2.0.

It was late when i first posted so didnt think to enable debug so I just did now. Interface sluggishly loaded the main page. However, none of the tabs will load. Just sits at the main page. If i reload the webpage, it often goes black. This is it stuck loading side by side with the serial monitor output:

No clear error message. Just a sluggish as hell webpage.

Edit: Just flashed back to 2.0 and it seems to work much better.

Not sure if there's a bug in the code or i have a faulty HiLetgo 2pcs ESP8266 NodeMCU. So after flashing with the arduino code and uploading the SPIFFS data and power cycling the unit doesnt show up in my available wifi AP list. So i do the eeprom reset and it works. I then set the SSID and password of my own AP and powercycle. In my routers DHCP table I see Moodlite there. But when I connect to its IP, it get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT from chrome. Edhe loads nothing. My iPhone (Safari) loads nothing. This is after it one time briefly worked displaying the first settings but never fully loading. Couldnt switch tabs either. Now nothing loads. Just times out. Worth noting that it all initially worked perfectly with the other NodeMCU in the pair. Except i ended up frying THAT one due to reversing the polarity when i soldered on the DC jack. So leads me to believe that despite me being able to flash and setup the SSID, this board is somehow faulty but is that even possible?

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