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I think high voltate to reduce voltage drop when connecting too many pieces, about the led I believe it's 3535 RGB and 4020 white. So it would be easy to place more led and reduce thickness but a real challenge  for diffuser

moodlite Electronics / Re: Questions regarding Amp for power supply
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:56:04 AM »
Hi! I read somewhere that I need at least 1.5A for every 30 led. I am planning on using 12 led per tile (designing a larger tile with 4 led each corner) and 9 tiles. Should I purchase 5V 10A power supply? or any 6-10A with 5V will be okay? Please advice.

I believe 6A is more than enough, You will rarely turn all led to white, and even if you do it, it will consume 20mA*3ledRGB*120 = 7A.With all led turn white, It will heat and bright so much that we only do for test or stress the led. Full brightness will reduce for led lifetime so much, so don't do it. In daily life, 50-70% brightness is fine, and we often using color so it reduce the power consumption a lot. I'm driving 68 led w2812b with 2A charger and it work fine.
The problem you need to concern is voltage drop down after each led, it make led in the end have yellowish color

I think we should use 4 wires instead of 3, so when the tile is leaf, the 4th pin is used for data loop back, by plug wire together we can create complex topology such as tree. I really dont like soldering with extra circuit

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