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Magnetic connector and auto-count possible?

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on: March 06, 2019, 02:07:37 PM
Hi all, glad to be here.
While I'm reading through all the builds and ideas and suggestions...
Did someone thought about using flat headed, cone shaped neodym-magnets as connector? Cone-Shaped because they would fall out if they are round (cylindric) or have a bad connection if you use balls. The connectors are the biggest design-flaw from the optical perspective and you can't make them uniform since you have to use male on one side and female on the other side and you need to know how you want them on the wall first to choose the side and stick out the connector. The original Nanoleaf uses special connector-chips. This is also not the best idea.
Soldering to Neodym is no problem, but I have no idea how many Ohm they produce. Also I've only found cone shaped magnets in one magnetic direction.
The other upside would be, you never can connect them wrong so the input is always only the input as they push away from another if you try it wrong.

Also, is there any way to "count" the connected LEDs on startup by itself? Always changeing the code for extending or removing isn't such user friendly as it should be.
And yes, we don't talk about a customer friendly product, it's a DIY project. But I could imagine to give them as a present so someone but without knowing her before.
Having 1 Input each panel and 2 outputs should be no problem and with an short manual with "only connect one(!) panel to another" is should work fine.
I also could Imagine a pentagon-shaped tile, but here I would try to design it by myself if we found solutions für auto-count and magnet-connectors.

Best regards,

Ps.: I'm sorry about my english, sadly not my native language.
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