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6 LEDS per corner as seen in the original Nanoleaf

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Hi! I apologize if this has been discussed somewhere else before. I just registered after lurking around for a few days.
I have seen the "Nanoleaf Aurora teardown" by Laurent on eevblog .com and according to his description and pictures, the tiles have 6 LEDs in each corner (maybe 12 because he says: "It seems to be composed of 6 basic white LEDs connected in series, which turn on at power up and 6 smart LEDs in a 6-pin 5050 package. I assume they are WS2812, but I haven't checked yet.") , which clearly explains the level of amazing brightness you can see in every Youtube video about Nanoleaf.

However, in an unboxing video that I found, the power supply that is used is described as 24V 2.71a

So, my question is, have you guys tried to find how this could be achieved? Why such a high Voltage and such a low amp with so much more LEDs?
Has anyone tried to recreate it with 6 LEDs per corner?
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Reply #1 on: June 25, 2019, 05:13:06 AM
I think high voltate to reduce voltage drop when connecting too many pieces, about the led I believe it's 3535 RGB and 4020 white. So it would be easy to place more led and reduce thickness but a real challenge  for diffuser


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