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V3 Network Not Showing Up

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on: February 06, 2021, 06:47:50 PM
So I've gotten through the software compile & flash. Flashed the moodlite program up first then did the ESP8266 sketch data upload. Everything seems to have gone according to the tutorial on the GITHUB.

Problem is I'm not seeing the Moodlite network pop up on my phone's network list.

Will it work while I'm powering the board via USB from my computer? What do I do, not sure what the problem could be.

*EDIT 1*
New problem... after connecting to the devices 'moodlite' network, I'm unable to get the setup page to come up.

Tinkered with it more, got it to show in wifi list by uncommenting the appropriate lines below to 'reset' it... not sure why it needed this but it seemed to work.
// --- Uncomment to reset ---
   // Erase EEPROM
   // Erase SPIFFS

Managed to connect, but now the page where you put in your wireless info and password to config the device to show up on home network will not show up for me. . . continuing to tinker.

*EDIT 2*
Finally got it running and accessible via my home network!
1. upload sketch with eraseEEPROM and eraseSPIFFS uncommented,
2. Click ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload
3. reset board via button on device
4. upload sketch with erase lines commented out again
5. Click ESP8266 sketch data upload
6. Reset board via button
7. Start serial monitor
8. Connect to 'Moodlite' wifi and punch in home network info
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