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on: January 29, 2019, 01:33:25 PM
Hi everyone, really hoping someone can take the time to help me out here. I have flashed the esp8266 with sketch and spiffs. I have managed to connect to moodlite and open the webpage menu and this is where Iím confused. I go to the WiFi page and my home WiFi details are already entered, I press set but it just spins and spins and doesnít do anything. Settings page, I set the amount of leds for a corner and total leds, press set and save but again nothing happens. After a short while it tries to reload the page but just gets stuck and never loads again. I was under the impression I could reach this page through my normal WiFi network, ie without connecting to moodlite WiFi, is this correct and what steps do I need to take to achieve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Iím so close in yet so far!!


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