moodlite - Coming soon

Wood Framed Hex Moodlite - Coming Soon

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on: January 31, 2019, 01:59:46 PM
Wood Framed Hex Moodlite - Coming Soon*

I'm working on a Hex Moodlite...

...But its going to have a wooden frame

I've 3D printed a jig to cut the side panels out of pine moulding
I'm now printing 6 clamps to glue the test panel together
It's going to have 6 LEDs per panel (Each side is currently 70mm)
The moulding is c.30mm high so I might try and add the controller to the first tile.
Once the parts for manufacture are ready it should be fairly quick to make additional tiles.
I've made some simple LED mounts for the corners, but these will need tweaking before release.
(I'll share all the files once its up and running)

Also tempted by using cheap mirrored wall stickers on the back to bounce the light about:

*This may take a couple of weeks. I'll update this thread with progress...


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